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Population: 18.6 Million | CAPITAL: QUITO

Ecuador hums with life from its cities to its bountiful, ever-changing landscapes. The Equator, western coastal lowlands, eastern jungles of the Amazon, highlands and Galapagos Islands are an outdoor adventure lover’s dream. Though the smallest Andean nation, it is home to over 20,000 species of plants, 1,500 different birds and more than 300 mammals. Visitors are charmed by friendly and fun-loving locals. Ecuador is truly an exotic destination, known throughout the region as a microcosm of South America.

Despite its abundant natural and human resources, Ecuador’s potential for growth has been limited by unpredictable economic and political factors. Approximately 30% of Ecuadorians live in conditions of poverty, and another 24% in extreme poverty with a stunting rate similar to those reported by several Sub-Saharan nations. The poor are often the last to receive basic education, sanitation and utility coverage.


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The Need

  • 69% of women are underemployed

  • Overall underemployment is 23%

  • 11.1% of students drop-out of primary education

  • 34,550 illiterate youths

  • 58.9% illiterate female adults

  • 12.1% undernourishment rate

  • 52.8% of the population is overweight, and 18% obese

  • 50% females drop out after primary Education

Our Response

  • Adult English courses and Conversation Club

  • Children’s reading programs

  • Children’s Wellness Programs (Nutrition, Cooking and Activity)

  • Adult Nutrition classes

  • Children's English courses

  • Work with local hospitals and health professionals

  • Homework help hours

  • Community Center with library and game room

  • Women's group

  • Working with Community Partners including Women's Shelter, Water Therapy for Disabled Children, and Local high school English

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The Community


The Chillos Valley

Population: 180,000

The Chillos Valley is home to some of the greatest wealth disparity in the region. A diverse population of 180,000 shares close quarters; middle-class professionals live beside impoverished rural farmers. The cycle of poverty is reinforced as those who need it most have difficulty accessing quality education, basic medical care and adequate utility coverage. Within this environment, our work stems from the belief that communities are equipped with a diverse range of skills and strengths. Our programs support local institutions and initiatives, build networks to connect individuals with resources, and empower individuals to thrive as leaders for a better future.

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