Frequently Asked Questions

What does Manna Project International (MPI) do?

  • Manna Project International creates communities of young leaders that help break the cycle of poverty in underserved communities around the world. Our model focuses on health, education and livelihoods to strengthen communities in developing countries.

Where does MPI work?

  • Founded in 2007, MPI's Ecuador site serves the area of Sangolqui, southeast of Quito. We also operated programs in Chaquiyjá, Guatemala from 2010-2014 and in Managua, Nicaragua from 2004-2018.

  • Our U.S. campus chapters hold short term trips to our site in Ecuador as well as other locations in Latin America.

  • Our administrative office is located in Orlando, Florida.

Who benefits from the work of MPI?

  • Communities: MPI identifies and serves targeted, high-need communities. Our primary beneficiaries are individuals living on less than $2/day. We offer holistic support for families who derive benefit from education, health services, leadership development and economic empowerment.

  • Volunteers: The capacity development of MPI’s volunteers is of primary importance. We value the sacrifice of time, resources and comfort that accompanies international service. That’s why we provide our volunteers with targeted training and one-on-one mentorship, in addition to hands-on experience. International development is challenging work, but project leadership with MPI results in a dynamic, professional skill set that appeals to employers and graduate schools alike.

  • Local Institutions: MPI works with community institutions and leaders to ensure that our programs will grow organically from within the community. In this way, we strive to involve and empower the community rather than create a dependency on volunteer-provided services.

Does MPI have a religious affiliation?

  • Manna Project International is not a religiously affiliated organization, nor is religious teaching or evangelization included in any part of our operations. We welcome volunteers from all ideological viewpoints, and believe that a breadth of partnerships and diverse viewpoints will ultimately strengthen and enrich our organization as a whole.

If I donate to MPI, how will my contribution be used?

  • Your donations are fundamental to the success of our mission and vision. We know you work hard for your money, and we work hard to direct your donation to accomplish your giving goals. Are you passionate about health? You can donate to help us bring a mental health professional to our Ecuador site. Is there a book that impacted your life in a deep way? Let us know, and we'll apply your contribution to our library - the first of its kind in the region. In short, your donation may be applied to any facet of our work. The choice is yours, including:

    • Financial support for individual volunteers

    • General health, education or economic empowerment

    • Specific programs (i.e. Women's Exercise and Nutrition, Environmental Education, Literacy)

    • Specific projects or campaigns (i.e. Mental Health Campaign, GivingTuesday, Manna Acts of Kindness)

    • Where the donation is most needed

  • To create a specific action plan to match your giving goals, or for more information on MPI's long-term objectives and outcomes, please email

Why does MPI fundraise?

  • MPI is not a business. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving international communities in need. As such, we don’t profit from volunteer fundraising or donor support; all money goes directly to community programs, volunteer living expenses and organizational support. We keep administrative costs to a minimum for high-impact programs and strive for transparency and accountability in every aspect of of our organization. A breakdown of our expenses is available on our Accountability page. Tax information and annual audits may be accessed at any time.

  • If you have additional questions, please email

Who can volunteer with MPI?

  • Anyone can volunteer with MPI, but our capacity development programs are designed for specific audiences:

    • Recent High School Grads: Must be 18+ to apply

    • College students: Spring Break trips and Summer Internships

    • Recent college graduates: Program Director positions

    • Graduate students: Program Director positions, tailored programs

    • Medical students: Internships, externships, practicums

    • Professionals: Short-term trips, specialized programs, site visits

    • Business, university and organizational groups: Short-term trips, specialized programs, site visits

  • Contact or click one of these buttons to learn more:

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