Get to Know Our Cedro Doctoras!

What You May not Know about Our Cedro Galán Clinic

With our annual Cedro 5K fast approaching, we wanted to share the accomplishments and hard work of our Cedro Galán Clinic staff. You may know that our clinic serves over 1,500 patients annually, or that we offer low-cost treatment options to communities who need it most. However, some details you may not know are when and where our clinic offers its services, and who keeps these incredible services running.

When and Where? The Cedro Galán Clinic is located in the Cedro Galán community. It is open to all, but mainly provides services to the surrounding areas of Cedro Galán, Chiquilistagua, and Niño Jesus. The location of our clinic is important, as it is closest site offering medical consultations for these communities. If a person living in the surrounding area wanted to visit a general practitioner, they would need to travel at least an hour via public transportation to reach Managua’s main hospital. The Cedro Galán Clinic is open Mondays from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm and Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Clinic staff members also do “community walking” following clinic hours on Friday afternoons. During community walking, our clinic staff make house visits to patients who are unable to come for a consultation due to their condition. Because most community members are unable to pay for regular medical insurance, the Cedro Clinic is an essential source to maintaining good health.

Who? The staff keeping the Cedro Clinic running are the most important piece of the puzzle. Our program directors aid our clinic staff with patient intake and information gathering; however, our local Doctor Wendy and Nurse Selma run the show! We sat down with them both to hear their perspectives on how the clinic has grown and what it is they love most about the job. Funds raised from events such our 5K allow Manna to employ these women and provide them with a space to do amazing work!